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Meet to walk your dog

Meet up, walk the dog, and find a new romance!
Sounds good?
Even if you are already on one or more dating sites, you are busy and find it difficult to meet that new special person you would like to have in your life. Finding someone you really like is about that all elusive chemistry - that first buzz of excitement.


Certainly you have no wish to hang around in bars or clubs, and a dating site at least gives you some idea of who it is you might agree to meet - except for one big snag - too often people put old photographs on a dating site, and stretch the truth as regards age and appearance. Often that first awkward meeting for a coffee or glass of something turns almost immediately into a big disappointment, since the person you are meeting is not what you thought - back to the start without the new romance of which you dreamt.

Dog and YOU need fun


Now you can have fun and walk your pet too!! 

- Just sign up today!! - is a web site where you can not only meet new people but also exercise your best canine friend organised into social groups who meet in many UK locations and cities, and know that everyone they might meet there is also unattached, and like themselves, also looking for new friendships in a relaxed, safe, informal atmosphere, additionally to be introduced to their dogs, and in an atmosphere to set all tails wagging!

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